Privacy Policy

As of May 25, 2018, with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, citizens will have more control over their personal data. For more information about GDPR, go to the following this link.


1. Confidentiality and Registration

Personal data collected through Portugal Eventos is voluntarily provided and automatically processed by FrenetikLevel, Lda. This data is intended for the management of your registration, taking your preferences into account. These elements are part of a database duly regularized with the National Data Protection Commission in Portugal (CNPD), and its processing is automated and maintained exclusively by FrenetikLevel, Lda., in accordance with Law 67 / 98 of October 26.

At our website, we collect information whenever there is a voluntary registration by the user. The information thus collected is individually identifiable (personal data).

We also collect information of the computer system (PC, Tablet, Phone, etc…) used to access the site and on the navigation made, whenever you visit his pages, both for security reasons and to optimize the user experience, through the type of access.

The computer data collected regarding the access point is received through the browsers and includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address. Cookies can also be generated with information about the page visited. These are installed on computer systems where this option is active. Data obtained in this way is not individually identifiable. They are therefore not personal data and users remain anonymous.

Whenever a user registers on the site, he is required to indicate the name and an e-mail address. Once registered, the user, for us, is no longer anonymous and will be identified by the email address. After the activation of your registration, the user may voluntarily provide personal data, such as: gender, date of birth, telephone contact, address and postal code.


2. Access, Edition or Opposition

In accordance with the applicable legislation, the user has the right of access, editing and oppose to the specific conditions of data collection or processing, as well as the “right to be forgotten”. These can be exercised through a letter addressed to the Systems Administrator, Praceta das Mimosas, n12, Cave Dto, 2740-102 Vila Fria - PORTO SALVO, Portugal, or by email to the address, with the subject duly identified.

The personal data collected may also be directly edited by the user himself on this site, using his personal permissions.

Any user may freely choose to provide or not, any individualized personal information. Accordingly, in case you do not wish to receive communications from FrenetikLevel, Lda., you must change your specific authorizations in the respective sites and registration forms or you may write to the Systems Administrator, Praceta das Mimosas, n12, Cave Dto, 2740-102 Vila Fria - PORTO SALVO, Portugal, or by email to the address with the subject properly identified.

In all newsletters and promotion emails, there is always the option to remove your email from the contact list and no longer receive any kind of information, through link's in the header and/or footer of the email itself, with the indication "Remove ". Such removal will take place within a period of less than 7 business days, considering that there are no technical problems not foreseeable nor attributable to FrenetikLevel, Lda.


3. Why we collect your data

Frenetiklevel, Lda. allows its users to register with the premise that they will receive a newsletter and get access to all activities of his sites.


4. Use, Sharing and / or Communication of Data to third parties

FrenetikLevel, Lda. does not to sell, rent or transfer to third parties any personal data submitted by users of our site. This data is only used in connection with the activities of site. Your personal data may be transferred to third parties only when necessary to fulfill any legal obligation.

However, some data such as the name and email of the registered user may be used by site or by sites of the same group, in the promotion of promotional actions by email to brands, products and / or services. These promotional actions will only be sent if the registered user indicates that they accept to receive contacts of this nature, and are always sent by the website itself or on behalf of the website itself or by email sending servers authorized by website itself. These submissions/emails are never made by the promotional brands themselves.

By placing a checking cross, filling a bullet, and by clicking on its confirmation button on the forms of the site you are consenting to receive communications by email made by this site or by sites of the same group. Otherwise you will never receive any email or contact from any website for promotional purposes.


5. Security

FrenetikLevel, Lda. ensures that adequate technical measures have been taken to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration and/or dissemination. Our sites uses a system of codification and encryption, commonly referred to as SSL, to protect data transmission.

Any attempt to violate the Database, or any propriety of this site will be subject to criminal action and criminal complaint, as provided in Portuguese law, and may involve civil and criminal liability.


6. Conservation of Personal Information

After the collection of personal information voluntarily transmitted by the user, FrenetikLevel, Lda. shall keep and maintain this data for the period necessary with the purpose of its processing in accordance with the notification to the CNPD, until otherwise instructed, or until the law requires the respective disposal. The preservation of this information allows FrenetikLevel, Lda. to continue providing services without interruption, unless expressly opposed by the user.


7. Cookies

A "Cookie" is a small file that is written to the user's computer, which is used only to identify the computer that is accessing the site. These files do not contain any personal information and will be used solely for security reasons and for statistical purposes. Get more information about our cookies on this page.


8. Responsible Entity

The entity responsible for processing the Database is FrenetikLevel, Lda., Headquartered at Praceta das Mimosas, n12, Cave Dto, 2740-102 Vila Fria - PORTO SALVO, Portugal, company number 513 472 045, with a capital stock of 5,100 , 00 €. Any interested party can contact us through the following addresses:


9. Transfer of Assets

The activity of Frenetiklevel, Lda., may be altered at the level of ownership and control of Frenetiklevel, Lda., and in its subsidiaries, partners or affiliates or, possibly, in the group's business areas. In any of these situations, personal data is considered transferable assets, under the terms of the law. The same shall apply in the processes of assignment, merger, spin-off and transformation of the company and its associates, investees or subsidiaries.


10. Privacy Policy Changes

Frenetiklevel, Lda. reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to update or revise the privacy policy set forth in this document, in order to adjust it to possible legislative changes and other constraints.


11. Compliance with this Privacy Policy

It is understood that the user accepts the conditions of this privacy policy by entering their data on any of the sites owned by Frenetiklevel, Lda. and filling out the forms presupposes the consent and acceptance of the user of the automated processing and use of the data according to the privacy conditions described in this document.